Thank you for attending our Spring 2023 Conference!
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April 12

Time Presentation 
11:00 am

New Member Gathering

11:30 pm

WASFAA Welcome
Conference Announcements
Charity Introduction
Exhibitor Introduction
MASFAA Update w/ Heidi Carl

 12:30 pmPublic Speaking Like a Superstar! with Manda Riley
 1:50 pm

NASFAA Credential: Federal Pell Grants and Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grants
Holistic Advising: Supporting Students with Empathy and Care
Living through a Program Review
Reviewing 1040X Amended Returns
Emergency Grants: Student Support Needs

 3:10 pmWI Tuition Promise: Helping WI Students Pay for College
Five Dysfunctions of a Team
Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion in the Financial Aid Office
Budgeting for College Students
 4:30 pmRepayment Restart: Preparing Your Social Communications
HIIT Class: A workout to get your heart rate up
SAI Hand Calculation; SAI & Pell Grant Eligibility Guide
Creating a Retention Grant: the UWL Experience
Boost Your Resilience in a Changing World

April 13

Time   Presentation
8:30 amCollege Goal Updates
NASFAA Update and Round Table Discussion
10:10 amFERPA 101: An Introduction
How to Give a Financial Aid Presentation
Prison Education Programs and Second Chance Pell
Prost to your Personality! Improving Co-Worker Communication
11:30 amCare and Feeding of Your Career
Refi vs. Consolidation: The Quiet Revolution
Lender Lists 101
College Confidence: What America knows about paying for college
Encouraging Students to Explore Outside Scholarship Opportunities
1:30 pmNASFAA Credential: Professional Judgement
User Groups
2:50 pmCreating a Scholarship Resource Center
HEAB and WI Grant Best Practices
Emotional Intelligence: Identifying and managing your own emotions and the emotions of others
Advancing Your Career: Understanding Your Options

April 14

Time  Presentation 
8:00 amCharity Update
8:45 amHow to Get Involved in WASFAA
Workplace Wellness: Strategies for Setting Yourself Up for Success
Committee Meetings: Spring 2024 Conference Planning
Committee Meetings: Early Awareness & Outreach
Committee Meetings: Membership
9:45 am

FAFSA Simplification Implementation School Checklist                                                      

11:00amBusiness Meeting ; REPAYE

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