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Associate Members support WASFAA in numerous ways: exhibiting at conferences, participating on WASFAA committees, volunteering for WASFAA sponsored events as well as providing assistance and support to schools and families in Wisconsin. WASFAA values the contributions of all of its members.

An Associate Member Sector (AMS) Representative is elected by the AMS bi-annually. Responsibilities include: attending Executive Committee Meetings and the Presidents Retreat, acting as the liaison between the AMS and the WASFAA Executive Committee, and leading Associate Sector meetings at conferences.

The new Associate Member Representative for 2017-2018 is Jill Gosse.  Jill can be contacted at: or (262) 966-7451.

The following alphabetical list represents Associate Member Organizations who have at least one active/paid WASFAA member. It is intended to provide schools with contact information of all Associate Member organizations and its primary contact(s) for WASFAA.

 Organization Representative
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Rebecca Hedrick

 Great Lakes

Bill Henderson


Debbie Murphy


Jean Kistler







Ron Hancock



Kim Jenkins
800-762-1001, ext. 211

 Sallie Mae


Jill Gosse

 Summit Credit Union

Jeremiah DeGollon
608-243-5000 ext. 2501

 Union Federal


Julie Finn

Wendy Wink
608-256-7731, ext. 227 

 UW Credit Union


Sherry Peplinski
608-232-9000, ext. 2265 


Victoria Helt
800-533-6773, ext.2538

 Wells Fargo


Jana Vanderah

Wisconsin Technical College Systems Office


Karen Showers

Wisconsin’s 529 College Savings Program


James DiUlio

Associate Member Representative

Jill Gosse
(262) 966-7451

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