Time Presentation 
12:30 pm NASFAA Federal Update 
1:45 pm Data Breach (Ballroom)
4:00 pmMobile Financial Aid: What Your Students Really, #REALLY Want (Wisconsin Room 2 & 3)
Generation Z Yikes that is not me! Let's be in Cahoots! (Wisconsin Room 1)
New Solutions for Graduate Students (Iowa Room)
TFS Scholarships - The nation's largest scholarship database (Minnesota Room)
Committed to Students and Campuses (Illinois Room)
 4:30 pm Data Sharing (Wisconsin Room 2 & 3)
Data Security (Wisconsin Room 1)
Life After Default (Presentation) (Handout) (Iowa Room) 
Practical Strategies for Your Campus to Serve Under-Resourced Students (Minnesota Room)
Executive Committee Meeting (Illinois Room)
 5:00 pm PeopleSoft (Washington Island)
Datatel (Rock Island)
PowerFAIDS (Nicolet Bay) 
Banner (Court Yard)


Time   Presentation
 8:00 amFederal Update
 9:45 am FERPA 101 (Wisconsin Room 2 & 3)
Data Security-repeat (Wisconsin Room 1)
Satisfactory Academic Progress (Iowa Room)
Charting Your Professional Career Path in Financial Aid (Minnesota Room)
An Introduction to the Four Frames (Illinois Room)
 11:00 am Data Sharing-repeat (Wisconsin Room 2 & 3)
FERPA 101-repeat (Wisconsin Room 1)
Advocacy (Iowa Room)
Verification (Minnesota Room)
Food Insecurity on Campus (Illinois Room)
 12:30 pm MASFAA Update
HEAB & College Goal Wisconsin Update
Vendor Update
 1:15 pm Keynote
 2:45 pm Data Security-repeat (Wisconsin Room 2 & 3)
Data Sharing-repeat (Wisconsin Room 1)
Servant Leadership (Iowa Room)
One on One with Zack (Minnesota Room)
Identify Theft and Privacy Protection (Illinois Room)
 4:00 pm UW Systems (Wisconsin Room 2 & 3)
Technical Colleges (Wisconsin Room 1)
Career Colleges/Proprietary (Iowa Room)
Private (Minnesota Room)
Associate Members (Illinois Room)


Time Presentation 
 8:30 am  Business Meeting - Handbook Amendments ; Request for Changes
 9:15 amBorrower Anonymous "Counseling students/families on reducing borrowing" (Wisconsin Room 2 & 3)
Emergency Funding (Wisconsin Room 1)
Student Employment (Iowa Room)
How to Communicate with Students (Minnesota Room)
Brainstorming Session Fall 2018 Conference (Illinois Room)
 10:30 amStudy Abroad (Wisconsin Room 2 & 3)
BIA Grants and Beyond (Wisconsin Room 1)
Bullet Journaling (Iowa Room)
The Evolution of Communication Strategy in FinAid (Minnesota Room)
How America Pays for Graduate School (Illinois Room)

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