Time Presentation 
8:30 am NASFAA Credentialing - Professional Judgement (Grand Libelle D) 
11:30 am Powerfaids (Grand Libelle D)
People Soft (Grand Libelle E)
Banner (Grand Libelle F)
Datatel (Villa Gottried A)
CampusVue(Villa Gottried B)
12:00 pm WASFAA President's Greeting & Welcome

Federal Update (Grand Libelle A-C)

 2:00 pm Professional Development for Working Professionals (Grand Libelle E)

Policies and Procedures: Are You Compliant and Student-Focused (Grand Libelle F)
How Students Use Credit and What You Need to Know (Villa Gottried A)
Town Hall - Return of Title IV (R2T4) (Villa Gottried B)

 3:30 pm Maximizing Student Employment through Partnerships (Grand Libelle E)
Ask-A-Fed with Zack Goodwin (Grand Libelle F)
Understanding Student Loan Refi (Villa Gottried A)
Recertification: Sharing What We Learned (Villa Gottried B)


Time   Presentation
 8:30 am  Keynote Speaker - Olympian Nina Roth (Grand Libelle A-C)
 10:15 am Independent or Dependent? Demystifying the DD-214 and VA topics (Grand Libelle E)
How I Did It: Work Life Balance and Competing Priorities (Grand Libelle F)
How America Values College 2018 (Villa Gottried A)
Introduction to the Four Frames - Artistry in Leadership (Villa Gottried B)
 11:30 am Taking an Active Loan in Student Loan Counseling (Grand Libelle E)

How to Protect Students from Scholarship Scams (Grand Libelle F)
Financial Aid Management Strategies: The Benefits of Outsourcing Verification (Villa Gottried A)
TBD (Villa Gottried B)

 12:30 pm HEAB Update
WASFAA Business Meeting (Grand Libelle A-C)
 2:30 pm Reframing Organizations 2: The Political Frame (Grand Libelle E)

Verification: Days of Future Past (Grand Libelle F)
How Students Can Reduce their Loan Burdens Before and After they Graduate (Villa Gottried A)
CFPB Listening Session: Federal and State Issues (Villa Gottried B)

 3:45 pm Funding Generation Z and Millennials (Grand Libelle E)
A Pretty Revealing Discussion (PRD) of Pell Recalculation Dates (PRDs) (Grand Libelle F)
Query Writing 101 - Peoplesoft (Villa Gottried A)
My Institution is Talking CBE, What Do I Do? - A Panel Discussion (Villa Gottried B)
 5:00 pm Associate (Grand Libelle D)
Technical(Grand Libelle E)
UW System (Grand Libelle F)
Private (Villa Gottried A)
Career/Prop (Villa Gottried B)


Time  Presentation 
 8:15 am  Charity Presentation - Special Olympics (Grand Libelle A-C)
 9:15 am Cultural Connections: Understanding the Habits and Behaviors of Students (Grand Libelle E)
Hosting Free Money Friday Events on Campus (Grand Libelle F)
Brainstorming Session Spring 2019 (Villa Gottried A)
Title IX - Things the Aid Office Needs to Know (Villa Gottried B)
 10:45 am NASFAA Update - Jill Desjean, NASFAA Policy Analyst (Grand Libelle A-C)

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