1:15 pmNASFAA Federal Update (no handout)
2:30 pmDepartment of Education Update
4:00 pm1. Using Social Media to Provide Just in Time Personal Financial Info (Salon D)
2. Charting the Path: Building Your Financial Wellness Program (Salon C)
3. Better Money Management Education: 6 Ways to Improve Your Program (Salon B)
4. College Affordability and Student Debt (Salon F)
5. Ask a Fed (Salon E)


Time  Presentation
 8:30 am6. 5 Must Haves for Modern Financial Aid (Salon E)
7. Sharing Financial Aid Information and FERPA (Salon F)
8. From Application to Graduation: Removing Barriers to Student Success (Salon D)
9. Data Collection and Analysis: They Want to Know What?! (Salon C)
10. Administering Adds, Drops, Withdrawals (Salon B) 
 9:45 am11. Cross-Campus Financial Aid Training (Salon B)
12. Impact of Rising Student Debt on Alumni Engagement and Giving (Salon C)
13. Hit the Target (Salon D)
14. Ask a Fed (Salon E)
15. Millennials and Beyond (Salon F)
 11:00 am16. Social Media (Salon C)
17. Handling Unpleasant Situations: Techniques for Turning the Bad into Good (Salon B)
18. All the Way to the Finish Line: 8 Big Ideas to Student Retention (Salon D)
19. Non-Financial Aid Issues that Affect Financial Aid Eligibility (Salon E)
20. Participation of Wisconsin Youth with Disabilities in Post Secondary Education Programs (Salon F)
 2:00 pm21. May the Odds be Ever in Students' Favor: Using State & Private Funding for Retention (Salon D)
22. Wisconsin ACT 284 Letter (Salon C)  (no handout)
23. Verification and the Dreaded 399 (Salon E)
24. Homeless Education Program: Meeting the needs of some of our most vulnerable students (Salon F)
25. Strengthsfinder 2.0 (Salon B)
 3:30 pm26. Professional Judgments in the New Era of PPY (Salon E)
27. Strategic Enrollment Management (Salon F)
28. Perkins: Extension or Sunset? (Salon D)
29. Working with Undocumented Youth (DACA) (Salon C)
30. Trends in Higher Ed (Salon B)
                     WASFAA 2017 Awards Presentation (Salon A)


Time Presentation 
 9:30 am35. Coupling New Student Orientation with Financial Literacy (Salon F)
36. Brainstorming for Future WASFAA Conferences (Salon E)
37. Default Prevention Models - Panel (Salon D)
38. Competing Methods of Informing Student Borrowers (Salon C)
39. Identity Theft: Protect & Prevent (Salon B)

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