Time Presentation 
8:30 am NASFAA Credentialing - Direct Loans (Riverview 1)
11:30 am New Professionals Meet & Greet (Networking Nook)
12:00 pm WASFAA President's Greeting & Welcome

Federal Update (Grand Ballroom E)
NASFAA Update (Grand Ballroom E)

 2:00 pm

Packaging Title IV Aid in an AY Filled with Modules (Room F)
Panel discussion - BIA/Tribal Financial Aid (Room G)
FICO Research: Financial Literacy Efforts that Have Proven Results (Room H)
New Professional Verification Tips and Tricks Presentation / Handout (Riverview 1)
Assisting Former Foster Youth (Riverview 3)

 3:15 pm A Little Nudge Goes a Long Way: Helping Students Help Themselves (Room F)

Retaining Students of Color in Predominately White Institutions (Room G)
Coaching Students through Difficult Interactions (Room H)
New Professional Panel: Professional Judgement/Special Circumstances Discussion (Riverview 1)
ID Theft & Fraud on a College Campus (Riverview 3)

 4:30 pm BSS: Engaging Students via Chatbot: 24/7 Technology for a 24/7 World (Room F)

BSS: Wells Fargo Product Update (Room G)
BSS Meet Common Bond (Room H)
BSS: Ascendium Education: Attigo to help your students reach and achieve (Riverview 1)
BSS: Exploring Gap Financing Options with families (Riverview 3)


Time   Presentation
 8:15 am  MASFAA Update (Grand Ballroom E)
 8:45 am Sector Meetings:
Technical (Room F)
UW System (Room G)
Private (Room H)
Career/Prop (Riverview 1)
Associate (Riverview 3)
 9:30 am

Evolving Our Leadership During Evolving Times
Keynote Speaker: Alonzo Kelly

 10:45 am Mindfulness and Grounding: the Untapped Super Powers (Room F)

5 Generations in the Workplace; Diversity That Works at Work (Room G)
Tax Returns (Room H)
New Professional NSLDS (Riverview 1)
Social Media: Operational vs. Strategic (Riverview 3)

 2:00 pm Leading in the 21st Century (Room F)

Collaborative Partnership Building Better Financial Aid and Study Abroad (Room G)
Citizenship and Eligibility for Financial Aid (Room H)
New Professional COD Basics 101 (Riverview 1)
Speed of Trust (Riverview 3)

 3:30 pmDependency Status Issues (Room F)
What Happens if I Can't Pay? Options for Financially Challenged Borrowers (Room G)
Peoplesoft Query 201 (Room H)
Navigating the Withdrawal and R2T4 Processes in Modules (Riverview 1)
Resolving Conflicting Information (Riverview 3)


Time  Presentation 
 8:0 am Committee (Room F)

Committee (Room G)
Committee (Room H)
Communications and Public Relations Committee Meeting(Riverview 1)
Committee (Riverview 3)

 9:00 am Federal Update (Grand Ballroom E)
 10:00 am One on One with a Fed (Grand Ballroom E)
 11:00 am

 Business Meeting (Grand Ballroom E)
Proposal to update Bylaws
Changed Bylaws

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