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Registrar & Director of Financial Aid - Wright Graduate College

  • September 28, 2016 10:12 AM
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    Registrar & Director of Financial Aid 


    Do you want to work in a high-powered, dynamic environment where you will be challenged to be constantly learning and growing? Are you a people-person who stays organized and composed while juggling multiple demands? Are you ready to put your administrative and project management skills to the test in a dynamic environment surrounded by fun, motivated people?

    The Wright Foundation for the Realization of Human Potential, NFP is a leadership development organization that applies the best of neuroscience, education and other research to bring out the best in the individual. The Wright Foundation sponsors trainings, events, programs, and graduate education through Wright Graduate University (www.wrightgrad.edu). We are looking for a team player on our team who is ready to put time, energy, and dedication into a career that is a playground for living your purpose and expressing your values in the world. 


    Our Campuses

    Administrative Offices: Chicago, IL

    Campus: Elkhorn, WI

    Wright Graduate University prepares and develops transformational leaders and coaches. WGU integrates the most effective human emergence technologies and relevant research to cultivate scholar practitioners who bring out the best in themselves and those they lead and coach. Members of the WGU community consciously engage in their own transformation and leadership as they coach and support others to unleash their potential for vocational and personal fulfillment and success, the advancement of humanity, and sustainable living on the planet.



    Director of Financial Aid

    • 1.      Develop and enforce policies and processes to ensure compliance with all state, federal and accreditation requirements as they relate to the operation of this department.
    • 2.      Implement policies and procedures to promote efficiency, accountability, and high quality customer service
    • 3.      Ensure all required reporting related to WGU's participation in Title IV, VA, and/or for state and accreditors related to Title IV participation (IPEDS, audits, annual consumer reports) are filed timely and accurately.
    • 4.      With the campus director, ensure campus policies and procedures with Title IV implications are continuously monitored, disseminated, and adhered to (Title IX, VAWA, campus safety and security, and others). 
    • 5.      Protect the integrity of WGU's student information systems
    • 6.      Monitor, manage system improvements, and ensure accountability for third party services contracted by WGU and related to this department
    • 7.      Successfully completed introductory financial aid administrator training, & current trainings and related professional organization experience consistent with the role of subject matter expert for the university on financial aid issues
    • 8.      Play a critical role in admissions and customer service by providing information, advising, and sense of hope/possibilities to prospective and current students regarding options for paying for their education, while ensuring highest standards of accuracy and compliance in information shared. Provide assistance and deadline accountability for all in completing required paperwork. 
    • 9.      Ensure timely budgeting, packaging, and acceptance of student loans, as well as entrance and exit counseling. 

      Registrar -- WGU & Foundation
    • 1.      Organize and maintain the student information systems for all campuses and programs
    • 2.      Ensures that the campus adheres to all state and federal guidelines with regard to the maintenance, storage, and retention of student records.
    • 3.      Oversees the production and issuance of course schedules, student schedules, transcripts, and (with the Chancellor) faculty assignments
    • 4.      Maintain campus statistics (such as grade distribution, retention, graduation rates, student/graduate/employer/faculty satisfaction) and safeguards the integrity of the school's student management system by ensuring a source document is obtained to support the data entered or changed.
    • 5.      Enforce the school's polices, processes and procedures related to the functions of the Registrar. 
    • 6.      Understand all programs, objectives, and ideal/required course sequences to be able to enforce prerequisites and advise students on required and appropriate additional courses/services to add to their existing programs. Partner with coaches, group leaders, and other direct service providers to maximize student growth and maximize enrollment. 



    All staff are required to perform other duties as assigned, provide positive experiences for all students, participate in Open Book Management planning and shared responsibility for meeting company revenue and expense goals, align with the vision, mission and purpose of the Wright Graduate University, engage professionally with colleagues and demonstrate continual personal and professional growth and development.

    SUPERVISOR: Campus Director

    • ·       
      MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS • A minimum of a Bachelor's degree is required; Master's degree preferred.
      • A minimum of 2 years of experience
    • ·        Prior experience indicating the ability to provide flexible leadership and support to students/clients
    • ·        Must be flexible to meet schedules that include evening and weekend hours and student service at times convenient to the student


    • ·        Interest in personal growth and development
    • ·        Self-starter
    • ·        Computer savvy. Independently capable of navigating a mac or PC operating system.
    • ·        Organized & hard working
    • ·        Excellence-oriented


    Salary based on experience; base compensation and variable pay based on performance. Health insurance premiums 100% covered, holidays & vacation, and most programs and trainings at no cost, valued at approximately $15,000 annually. 

    HOW TO APPLY:  No incomplete application will be reviewed. We require all the materials included in the assessment system described here and will be happy to discuss your qualifications further once you have completed this phase. In an effort to set up prospective employees to succeed in our fast-paced, values-based environment, we ask that you complete three tests: one aptitude test (language, math, and logic), one personality test, and a very brief typing test. The system then asks that you upload a resume. You will need a quiet computer workstation with internet access, a pen, and some scratch paper. Some assessments are timed, so make sure you have arranged to be distraction-free. You will need approximately 45 minutes to complete the tests, which must be done in one sitting. When ready, please visit http://www.ondemandassessment.com/verify/apply/AmmRmAy/DChPbPh. You will be given instructions to create your profile and begin the testing.

WASFAA is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 

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