Time Presentation 
12:30 pm NASFAA Federal Update 
1:45 pm The 101 on 529 (Washington/Rock Island)
Financial Aid & Veterans Benefits (Chamber Island)
Looking Forward to Your Future: WI Student Debt Initiative (Nicolet Bay)
Working with Families to Pay Their "Out of Pocket" Expenses (Court Yard)
3:00 pm Helping First in Families Create a College Road Map (Washington/Rock Island)
Excel-ing in Financial Aid (Chamber Island)
Exploring the FSA Toolkit (Nicolet Bay)
The Ben and Ben Show: Featuring SAP (Court Yard)
 4:15 pm Financial Aid Management Practices: The Benefits of Outsourcing (Washington/Rock Island)
Financial Literacy for Staff & Students (Chamber Island)
Borrowers Anonymous: 12 Steps to Reduce Borrowing (Nicolet Bay)
Automating Outside Scholarships: ScholarNet for Scholarships (Court Yard)
Supporting Students and Campuses (UW Credit Union (Europe Bay Ballroom A&B)
 5:00 pm PeopleSoft (Washington Island)
Datatel (Rock Island)
PowerFAIDS (Nicolet Bay) 
Banner (Court Yard)


Time  Presentation
 8:00 amFederal Update
 9:45 amHow America Pays for College 2017 (Washington/Rock Island)
Processing/Sending Loans to COD (Chamber Island)
Cultural Diversity: Eliminating Roadblocks (Nicolet Bay)
Verification 101 (Court Yard) 
 11:00 amKeeping the Focus on the Student in Student Aid Advocacy (Washington/Rock Island)
Benefits and Considerations of Verification Outsourcing (Chamber Island)
One on One with a Fed (Nicolet Bay)
Make Sense to Students (Court Yard)
 12:30 pmHEAB & College Goal Wisconsin Update
Business Meeting
 1:30 pmKeynote
 2:45 pmPublic Speaking: Refine and Improve (Washington/Rock Island)
Thinking About Running for WASFAA Office (Chamber Island)
Verification Updates (Nicolet Bay)
Your Financial Wellness (Court Yard)


Time Presentation 
 9:15 amBrainstorming for future WASFAA Conferences (Washington/Rock Island)
Student Mental Health Issues - How is your campus addressing these? (Chamber Island)
Community Engaged Financial Aid (Nicolet Bay)
Financial Literacy: What You Need to Know to Educate Your Students (Court Yard)
 10:30 amIdentity Theft: Protection and Prevent (Washington/Rock Island)
And You Want to Be The Director? (Chamber Island)
UWGB Inclusivity and Equity Program: One Path to Inclusivity (Nicolet Bay)
FAFSA Trends in Wisconsin (Court Yard)

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