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Assistant Director for Student Engagement - UW-Madison

  • July 27, 2022 12:49 PM
    Message # 12864169

    This unique role is an extraordinary opportunity to highlight, hone, and develop the student experience through mentorship, basic needs support, success coaching, student employment, and providing exemplary front lines support oversight to our students. Wait, this is in a financial aid office? Why yes it is! We recognize the innovation that brought this role to our office and continue to support this amazing work which is typically more in the "student affairs" world. You will lead a dynamic team of 4 full time employees (2 directly reporting to you) and countless amazing student employees. You will provide the vision for the unit and determine strategy in amplifying a student-centered experience. The team is dynamic and we work to make personal as well as professional passions shine!


    Apply by August 8th!

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