State Issues 


The State Issues Committee provides input to HEAB members, state legislators and the WASFAA membership regarding Wisconsin higher education aid programs.  

HEAB's Commission on Financial Aid Consolidation and Modernization has issued its report, which may be viewed at

Among the Commission's recommendations:

1.  Funding levels for state grant programs should be linked to tuition increases

2.  The legislature should consider the unfunded demand of Wisconsin students

3.  Appropriations of state grant programs should be made sum-sufficient

4.  Maintain half-time enrollment status for state grant eligibility

5.  Sufficient appropriations may create eligibility for students enrolled less-than-half-time

6.  Modernize HEAB's delivery system by obtaining updated technology

7.  Rename WHEG and WTG as Wisconsin Grants

8.  Reinstatement of Wisconsin Covenant funds due to SAP should be based on institutional policies

9.  Continuous enrollment should not be a requirement for TIP Grant eligibility

10. Make financial aid outreach and information sessions available to the legislature 

The Commission relied extensively on a WASFAA Survey on HEAB Issues for background information and input from financial aid administrators.

 Commission members include:

John Reinemann, Higher Education Aids Board

Sen Fred Risser (26th Senate District)

Rep Joan Ballweg  (41st Assembly District)

Mary Jo Green, Mid-State Technical College

Dr Rolf Wegenke, Wisconsin Association of Independent Colleges and Universities

Dr Scott Flanagan, Edgewood College

Freda Harris, UW System

Jessica Tormey, UW System

Dr Verna Fowler, College of the Menomonee Nation

Tim Jacobson, Waukesha County Technical College

Morna Foy, Wisconsin Technical College System



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