Innovations Committee

Committee of the Year 2012-2013: Innovations CommitteeThe Innovations Committee works to promote the use of technology and innovative new resources in our interactions with students and families, as well as in collaborations with our campuses and among our members.  The work of the Innovations Committee in 2011 resulted in in WASFAA's movement to our current web platform.

A person doesn't need to be a "techie" to serve on the Innovations Committee.  You just need a healthy curiosity about new technologies, or a willingness to explore different ways of using old ones.  When Google+ rolled out its “Hangouts” feature, we were quick to take advantage of the opportunity to conduct meetings via video conference for free.  At the same time, we have plans in the works for conference presentations that would offer useful tips and shortcuts for software that many of us use every day, like Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

We also like to think of ourselves as a resource to WASFAA for technology advice and ideas.  We may not be able to solve every problem you have at the computer, but many of our members have their fingers on the pulse of new software, web products, and gadgets – if you’re looking for a new way to engage your students, or have a problem you think could be made easier through technology, get in touch.  We just may be able to help guide you to a solution.

The Innovations Committee has taken on a number of new projects this year, but we’d like to add more, and to add members.  If you’re interested in joining us or hearing more about what we do, contact Ryan Gebler or Mandy Slowinski.

Committee Meetings

Innovations Committee members
Ryan Gebler (co-chair), Mandy Slowinski (co-chair), Angela Sarni, Joselyn Diaz-Valdes, Bill Henderson, Susan Johnson, Karla Weber, Melissa Haberman.

Innovations Sub-Committees

  • Blog Content Team - Team lead: Mandy Slowinski
  • Social Media Administrators - Team lead: Karla Weber
  • Social Media Advocacy Team - Team lead: Karla Weber
  • Conference Sessions Team - Team lead: Ryan Gebler
  • WASFAA Online Payment System Team - Team lead: Ryan Gebler
  • Website Design/Maintenance - Ryan Gebler and Mandy Slowinski

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