Reimbursement Forms

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WASFAA Reimbursement Forms 

We now have two separate reimbursement requests form for travel expenses (in-state and out-of-state).

NON-TRAVEL (Most reimbursement requests)


Submit WASFAA Reimbursment Forms to the Treasurer-Elect. For the 2015-16 fiscal year (July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016, the Treasurer-Elect is Patty Taylor

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Finance Committee

Under the Chair of the Treasurer, the Finance Committee shall deal with all matters concerning recommendations to the Executive Committee of the dues structure and the reimbursement policy for any necessary expenses incurred by the Association Membership on official Association business. The Treasurer and chair of the 2015-16 Finance Committee is Jill Price.

Finance Committee membership consists of:

  • Treasurer, (Chair)
  • Treasurer-Elect
  • Past Treasurer, one year only
  • President
  • President‑Elect
  • Past President, one year only
  • Corporate Support Chair
  • Two members‑at‑large:
    • Following each election, one of the WASFAA elected members-at-large will be appointed by the President  to the Finance Committee
    • At‑large members shall serve for a two‑year term, corresponding with their two-year term as a WASFAA member-at-large
    • At‑large members may be reappointed, however, no member shall serve for more than six consecutive years as a member‑at‑large
  • Only "regular" WASFAA members may serve on the Finance Committee