Federal Issues Committee

April 2012 - Michelle Curtis, Patty Taylor, Susan Johnson, Ryan Gebler, Melissa Haberman, Trisha Springstead, Kate Sopha. David Sandra not pictured.

The Federal Issues Committee keeps the Membership up to date on Federal legislation and regulations related to financial aid and provides presentations related to these topics. The Federal Issues Committee was chosen as the 2012 WASFAA Committee of the Year.

Current members: Co-chairs Susan Johnson and Kate Sopha; Michelle Curtis, Melissa Haberman, Erin Jahnke, Kristina Klemens, David Sandra, Trisha Springstead, Jamie Thomson, Melissa Vogler, Julie Waldvogel-Leitner, Jennifer Weber

January 2015 Federal Issues Update

Electronic Announcements

This User Guide provides instructions on how to use Transfer Student Monitoring (TSM) online, how to request Financial Aid History (FAH), and the TSM/FAH Batch process.  Replaces the Feb. 2014 version. The guide is a very nicely done complete document to help staff understand the TSM process.

A Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on the TEACH grant and reporting is out with comments due 2-2-15. There are changes suggested to definitions and creation of indicators that can define quality programs and a goal of linking assessments of program performance to the Federal TEACH Grant program. Schools using TEACH grants might want to work with the other stakeholders on campus to coordinate possible responses.

Dec 9 Federal Student Aid posts updated reports to FSA Data Center. Quarterly reports are made and this announcement highlights some of the findings – varied and interesting topics from one detailing the increase in DL borrowers enrolled in income-driven repayment options to the fact that 80% of DL volume and 62% of FFEL volume deferments are in education-related deferments. Check it out!

2015-2016 :  FAFSA on the Web Preview powerpoint presentation is now available. This contains information and screen shots that you might find useful for staff training and high school night presentations.  The web demo site became available on 12-28-14:  http://fafsademo.test.ed.gov . User name is eddemo and fafsatest is the password.  The FAFSA on the Web worksheet is also available (and in Spanish).

A reminder about Title IV Aid Disbursement Reporting, Excess Cash, and Reconciliation Requirements was published that makes it clear that both the aid office and the business office share responsibility – always nice to have the extra push with our colleagues in the business office.

The department is accepting nominations for individual negotiators to serve on the Federal Direct Loan Program negotiated rulemaking committee. Nominations are due Jan 20 2015.

Already mentioned this January in a WASFAA Blog is the information for schools to transition to soft tokens for your Two-Factor Authentication as an option available versus the hard key fob style tokens currently in circulation. Folks are reporting it is very easy to do this on your smart phone/tablet, etc.

A Dear Colleague letter from Dec 11 announced exciting news – that FSA has an online training module on the Return of Title IV Funds calculation. For those of us who can’t get enough of this intricate and exasperating formula we can take a look and make sure we know what we think we know!

And finally – happening January 13 and again on January 15 FSA will be having an instructor-led, online training session about reporting Gainful Employment data to NSLDS. 


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