Early Awareness and
Outreach Committee

The Early Awareness and Outreach Committee promotes access to socio and economically underrepresented students. In order to promote and examine these issues they establish partnerships with outside organizations and agencies that work closely with the financial aid community to provide access to higher education. 

Chairs: Kari Gribble and Heidi Johnson

Carnival of Learning

The Early Awareness and Outreach Committee hosts the Carnival of Learning as a pre-conference program in conjunction with one of the WASFAA conferences each year.  The Carnival of Learning offers low-income, first generation students an opportunity to experience what life will be like when they are adults. During the 2 hour long program, students are engaged in a hands-on real life financial simulation program that introduces them to the realities of adult life. The Reality Check program stresses the importance of budgeting, prioritizing spending decisions, and saving money. Sudents gain valuable experience in writing checks, paying bills, and making daily decisions that all of us must tackle on a monthly basis.

WASFAA members volunter their time to "Man" the 15 different storefront booths.