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The Wisconsin Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators is a non-profit organization that provides support to financial aid administrators and other agencies involved in the administration of financial aid programs in Wisconsin’s postsecondary educational institutions. 


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Coordinator Systems & Data Management - Marquette University 

Position Overview: Coordinate and implement all activities related to the management of data and research including internal research and data collection to facilitate reporting, planning and managerial decision-making. Provide backup for Systems administration. Responsible for general financial aid administration. Report to Associate Director -Systems & Data Management.

Duties and Responsibilitis: 

A. Programmatic: Responsible for implementing/maintaining the following: 1. Internal research and data collection (via Queries, SQRs & Access/Filemaker Data Bases/Data Mart) to facilitate planning and managerial decision making 2. Work with Office of Institution research to provide data required for major surveys, including the Common Data Set, IPEDS 3. Collect and present data as and when needed by OSFA staff, including reports to assist staff in their programmatic responsibilities 4. Assist staff in analyzing the impact of legislative, regulator, political and fiscal changes on financial aid at the federal, state and campus level. 5. Collect and present data for Net Price Calculator and Gainful Employment 6. Coordinate COnsumer Information Website 7. Providing leadership for web development 8. Maintain and update OSFA website 9. Create and maintain a master database of financial aid related data 10. Backup to Associate Director – Systems

B. Hardware/Software: In coordination with Consulting Services in ITS and withOSFA staff, assist with: 1. Troubleshooting day-to-day problems with individual machines and software 2. Training users on new software and uses for equipment 3. General maintenance of computers, laser printers, and related hardware This includes: a. Making certain the latest version of anti-virus software is installed b. Maintaining system software and utility programs c. Installing upgrades/new software d. Installing and coordinating new computer hardware

C. Processing: Use PeopleSoft and other aid applications that relate to (on an as needed basis): 1. Awarding: review of federal need analysis information, budgets, financial aid, verifications/adjusting aid packages and summer awarding. 2. Re-awarding: changes resulting from additional materials (i.e. verification and professional judgment), other aid. 3. Direct Loan Exit Counseling letters 4. EdConnect file exchange

D. Public Relations: 1. Provide data on demand to other offices at Marquette University 2. Assist with open houses and presentations to parents and students on an as needed basis.

E. Counseling: Contact with students and/or families regarding matters of Financial Aid through the following means (on an as needed basis):In-Office, Email, Telephone, Correspondence and Orientation/Open Houses

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