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The Wisconsin Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators is a non-profit organization that provides support to financial aid administrators and other agencies involved in the administration of financial aid programs in Wisconsin’s postsecondary educational institutions. 


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By: Katie Kraemer

Brooke Sumner, Financial Aid Specialist at Fox Valley Technical College, has taken on the role of co-chairing the new Public Relations Committee.  Take some time to get to know Brooke and also learn about the PR Committee.  Please reach out to Brooke ( if you’d like to join the committee’s efforts!

How did you get started in financial aid and what roles have you held in the profession?

My financial aid journey began when I was hired by Fox Valley Technical College as an Enrollment Facilitator back in 2008.  As a facilitator my area of focus was financial aid, and then within a few years the Financial Aid office was again separated as its own entity and that position morphed into a Financial Aid Specialist.  Here I am almost nine years later and still learning something new almost every day!

Have you been involved with WASFAA prior to taking on the PR Co-Chair role?

I have been attending WASFAA conferences for the past five years now and have also served as a member of the Student Employment Committee for the past two years.  In addition, I have had the pleasure of helping to facilitate sessions on consortium agreements and student employment at past conferences.

What does WASFAA mean to you?

WASFAA to me is a sort of extended professional family.  The organization provides one with the ability to network and gain an extended support system throughout the financial aid profession.  The knowledge and relationships established through WASFAA are invaluable.

What are some of your goals for the PR Committee?

The PR Committee hopes to bridge the gap for new members and the outside community when it comes to understanding what WASFAA is working to accomplish, as well as provide valuable information to existing membership.

What are some of the aspects of financial aid that surprise you the most? 

It never ceases to amaze me the various types of financial support that are present at the federal, state, and community level.  Unfortunately, those forms of aid may not always be available to every student, but nevertheless, there are new opportunities that pop up every year to help support our students. 

Anything you’d like to share from your life outside of financial aid?

Outside of working in financial aid, my focus is on family and continuous learning.  My two rambunctious little ladies (Remy-4, Rowan-2) keep me very busy, along with pursuing a graduate degree.  There is always something new and exciting to learn when it comes to both toddlers and higher education!

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