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The Wisconsin Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators is a non-profit organization that provides support to financial aid administrators and other agencies involved in the administration of financial aid programs in Wisconsin’s postsecondary educational institutions. 


The WASFAA Blog contains updates from the WASFAA President, highlights committee activities and member profiles, and provides articles written by members and guests.


The WASFAA Website has a lot to offer! We want to highlight a few resources you may not know about.

1. The Membership Info page has unique menu options on the left side of the page that contain links to resources including the new WASFAA Handbook and historical versions of the handbook. 

2. The Executive Committee page has meeting minutes from all the executive committee meetings from the last two years. It also has contact info for all of the current elected members of the Executive Committee.

3. The WASFAA Jobs page shares jobs that WASFAA members may be interested in. The page has an RSS feed so you don't miss a post. 

4. The Archives page has a unique menu with options to learn about WASFAA's Early History, Past Presidents, Past Conferences, Past Awards, and other WASFAA history.

5. It's not too late to download presentations from the Spring 2015 WASFAA Conference. It's not too early to learn about the Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 conferences.

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